of Informed Consent for the collection and processing of personal data

  1. I agree and offer to Burgas Free University for processing a phone number and e-mail to contact me.
  2. I agree Burgas Free University, through its employees, to contact those provided by me telephone number and/or e-mail in connection with my participation in conferences, forums and publications in scientific journals.
  1. Burgas Free University collects and processes the personal data contained in the form in fulfillment of its legal obligation under the Ordinance on state requirements for the content of basic documents issued by higher education institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria.
  2. The personal data will be used by Burgas Free University on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, will not be provided to third parties and will serve only for the purposes of applying, accepting and enrolling in Burgas Free University.
  3. I am aware that personal data will be stored on paper and electronic media, according to the legal requirements for data protection.
  4. I am aware that the term for storage of my personal data, collected by Burgas Free University in connection with the application and acceptance, coincides with the term for storage of the financial document according to art. 38, para 1 of TPSC.
  5. I am aware that I have the right to receive information about the stored personal data at any time, that I have the right to access my personal data, as well as the right to transfer data to another administrator.
  6. I am aware that I can ask Burgas Free University to correct my personal data, delete them, as well as limit their processing..
  7. I am aware that with regard to the deletion I have the right to request from Burgas Free University the deletion of the personal data provided with my consent without delay, and the administrator has the obligation to delete them without delay.
  8. I am aware that the personal data will be processed by Burgas Free University and the contact person appointed by him is Prof. Dr. Milen Baltov, email:, phone: +359 56 900 565.
  9. I am aware that I have the right to withdraw my consent to the processing of personal data in part or in full at any time, for which I should notify the said person under item 8 in writing at the following address: Burgas, 8001, Burgas Free University, 62 San Stefano Blvd., office 309, Prof. Dr. Milen Baltov .
  10. I am aware that I have the right to object and complain in connection with the processing and storage of personal data before the Commission for Personal Data Protection, which is a supervisory body in the Republic of Bulgaria.

I declare that I will notify Burgas Free University of any change in personal data.

I declare that I give my consent to the processing of personal data freely, according to my will, and I guarantee the accuracy of the stated information.

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